Why did I build this website?

My name is Jason Michalek. My passion is technology as I love solving problems in the real world. I have always had a fascination of solving puzzles as a kid and I grew older I’ve seen the confusion on my parents faces when I asked for something computer related.

Fast forward a few years and I have friends and family calling me all the time with issues they are facing with technology. I’ve gone in circles debating on if I would like to take this full time without getting burnt out. Well it’s better to start later than never! The biggest thing I enjoy in this field is everyone is constantly learning and evolving. If you don’t tackle the challenges ahead of you. Simply put you are going to be left behind.

What can I do?

The real question is what can I not do? I’m constantly learning and evolving on a daily basis. I mainly do computer relates task, but also enjoy building websites and even tackling those darn ikea projects that makes the majority of people just burn down their house. I have a degree in circuit board repair and have been laid off so many jobs I lost count. I enjoy the 1 on 1 of helping others and seeing the satisfaction on the faces of my customers after I leave. If you need something done I’m one call away from helping you with the project.

The biggest problem people like yourself face is your computer being compromised with viruses and malware problems. While I hate seeing this done to others who have idea what they are or how to remove them. I find it humorous at times to see how far people will go to take over computers. I will always take the time to help educate you even if it just takes a few extra minutes so you don’t run into the same problems down the road.

All I ask is that you tell someone else in need who I am and your satisfaction level of my service.