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Having trouble with your PC and looking for a way to get it reliably repaired or replaced? Look no as I offer reasonable rates you won’t find anywhere else.  I have a tech background and decided to turn my passion into a business. I offer my services as a friendly local Raymore computer repair company serving the southern half of Kansas City. Learn more about me and what I do in my free time on the about page.

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Grandview Mo Computer Repair

Do not let your computer frustration get over you. Grandview Mo Computer Repair provides affordable computer repair services in the shortest time possible. Our technical experts are counting on many years of dealing with various aspects of computer problems to take care of your worries and bring back your smile.

We are specialists in both hardware and software issues, desktops, servers, and laptops. Our customers benefit from the following:

  • After-sales service.
  • Repairs are covered by with warranty.
  • Free pickups and delivery.
  • Free diagnosis.
  • We use genuine parts for replacements.


We deal with all types of computes irrespective of the manufacturer or models. Our business is to help you understand issues that affect your computer. Grandview Mo Computer Repair will not let you suffer in silence. We offer advice on how best to protect your machine from having the same problems in the future.

A sluggish computer is a painful affair especially when you are working on a deadline. We step in to help your machine deliver fast and effectively.

Our experts will check and remove any programs that you do not use. They fill up your computer and slow it down. Once we check the control panel, we will advise on the best approach without affecting your working. At Grandview Mo Computer Repair, we are always careful not to uninstall device drivers.

Temporary files are because of running applications, I.e. every time you open a program on your computer, a file is created to facilitate its operations. If they accumulate for a long time, they eat up your disk space and eventually bring down system performance. Let this not trouble you. We will resolve the issue and guide you on ways of avoiding it.

If you bring your computer to Grandview Mo Computer Repair, we will analyze the system performance in relation to the hard disk and memory so that we can offer the best advice on the optimum storage capacity that you need. A computer with sufficient RAM and storage space executes programs faster.

We use disk clean up to re-arranges files within the disk and remove any unnecessary files such as files containing cookie, favorites, installers, etc.

Virus on your machine may present itself in the form of pop-ups, slower speed, or your computer restarts without warning. Grandview Mo Computer Repair will take up the task of removing the virus without affecting the machine’s functionality.

At Grandview Mo Computer Repair we are  also specialists in online computer repair services. Our services are reliable and are 100% guaranteed. Online repair services entail:

  • Fixing boot problems
  • Virus removal
  • Software install/uninstall
  • Antivirus Check
  • Any other support that you may need

An online repair is an option for those who may not be able to bring their computers to our shop for a checkup. Give us a call and transfer your problems to us. We will gladly solve them.

Grandview Mo Computer Repair service is dedicated to giving you the best customer experience and repair services that are readily available. Please book an appointment or direct any questions that you may have about your computer system through our contact number. We will work work speed to restore your sanity.