Home Computer Setup Services From Trusted Professionals

Buying a new computer is always exciting. Whether you buy it for yourself or your kids, it is essential to set it up so that the system works smoothly. Those who can’t set up a computer shouldn’t fiddle with the parts and buttons. You should hire a professional who can complete the computer setup on your behalf. Setting up a computer is not just about plugging the monitor to the CPU or speakers to the CPU. There are many more things that professionals like me offer.

Computer setup services

It doesn’t matter whether you bring the computer to me or I go to your place to set it up, my primary objective is to make sure the system works without any hiccups. That’s why I offer a variety of computer setup services to customers.

1. Optimize startup and shutdown

Many internal factors can slow down the computer. It may reach a point where starting or shutting down the computer may take hours. If your computer is going through this type of problem, I can look into the matter quickly. This is a sign of a virus infecting your computer. I will make sure that the problem doesn’t exist anymore.

2. Setting up the computer

Installing the operating system, connecting all the cords, and starting the computer take considerable time. If you are one of those who want to assemble the computer by selecting different parts, you need a professional to put those parts together. For example, you buy the RAM, internal hard disk, graphics card, the monitor, speakers, processor, motherboard, and other parts separately. You cannot attach them without knowing where they go.

I can come over to your house to assemble everything. If you are buying a computer for the first time, you may not know the latest parts available in the market. I can recommend the brands and the latest models, depending on your budget. This will help your computer to last longer than you expect. Starting from the best RAM in the business to installing a Windows operating system on the computer, I can do everything to ensure that your PC runs fast.

3. Remove unwanted trialware and programs

Sometimes after Windows installation, you may find various unwanted programs. These come with the installation software. If you didn’t avoid the applications while installing the operating system, they might slow the system down. You can call me and describe the issue the computer is facing. Else, bring your PC to my office. I will inspect the problem and get rid of all the trialware and bloatware existing on the computer. Although these are not viruses or malware, they can slow the computer to a great extent.

Many people who are not so tech-savvy can’t uninstall these programs right away. I can come to your rescue. You don’t have to worry about paying a fortune because that’s not how I operate. I usually charge a very low price for my service. In fact, I will provide you with a quotation according to the problem your computer is facing. If you are happy with the price, you can hire me.

4. Perform system updates

Do you see the applications on modern-day mobile phones? The mobile notifies you whenever there is an update available for a respective application. This keeps your phone and the applications updated. But things are not so smooth and easy when it comes to computers. You may have a system update notification popping up from the bottom right corner of the screen. It takes you to a page with hundreds of instructions once you click on it. Most people can’t figure out what they should do next.

Apart from setting up a computer, I also perform system updates. You may not understand the functions of the instructions on the system update page. But I do! That’s why you need professional help. I have the experience of performing hundreds of system updates over the years. Ideally, you should switch the automatic system update feature so that you don’t have to call a professional again and again. If I find the automatic system update is not switched on, I will do it on your behalf.

The automatic system update doesn’t require you to do anything. Once you shut down the system, you will see a screen saying that so and so applications are getting updated. It will prompt you not to switch off the system until the computer finishes all the updates. When you call me, I will manually update the applications. Once the update is over, a reboot will complete the entire process. The same thing happens when the automatic system update is on. The computer will reboot automatically after you switch it on.

5. Installing system recovery discs

You never know when the computer crashes down or has a virus attack. That is why you should always have system recovery discs installed just in case your computer experiences software or hardware failure. It is a preventive measure that doesn’t take much space in your PC but comes in handy after a system crash. I can install the best system recovery disc in your computer so that there are more chances of data recovery later.

Those who use their home computer to store sensitive information about their business should always have system recovery discs. It helps you to stay away from cybercriminals and their dangerous activities.

6. Install internet security

This is probably one of the most crucial parts of setting up a computer. Your computer is vulnerable to malware and virus attacks if you don’t have a reputable anti-virus installed. If you are not sure about the best anti-virus around, I can help you with that. I usually recommend the one that doesn’t cost a lot every year but offers comprehensive protection from malware and a variety of viruses.

So, if you have any queries or service relating to the computer setup service, get in touch with me. My quality of service will tell you more about my experience in this field.