Computer Tuneup

Your operating system over time and accumulate many temporary files that can slow down your computer and cause various issues depending on what files were left behind. It is a good idea to occasionally optimize your pc to avoid many of these issues.

Computer Management

Managing your computer properly will help prolong the life so you don’t have to purchase a new one in only 2 years. Technology is moving along so fast it does make it hard not to upgrade, but proper management will only help from your pc going to the dump.

There are various tunup utilities that will make your life so much easier by running periodic scans. How often you should run these scan vary on your computer usage. Think of it like driving a car where you need to check your oil and if you don’t check it often enough and run out. Your engine will lock up. You definately don’t want that to happen with your PC.

Disk Cleanup

Uninstalling programs and toolbars that you don’t use can possibly increase the speed of your computer. Files can occasionally get corrupt and stop a program from working. You can use utilities built into windows that will help remove programs. You may also want to check for bad sectors on your hard drive to keep the health in good standing.

Troubleshooting Tools

There is so much going on with your computer that it can be confusing where to start. Here are a few things can help remove potentially unwanted files on your pc that can be slowing it down.

  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Spyware Removal


System Optimizations

Some simple optimization you can do to your computer is to empty your recycle bin if you are using Microsoft Windows. I recommend installing Google Chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer uses ActiveX and for security reasons hackers can easily install unwanted programs automatically without you having a clue what happen. Microsoft says they fixed this issue with the Edge Browser, but I just can’t go back to any Microsoft browsers.

Delete your temporary internet files and history in your browser. Toolbars are bloated and can slow down the load times of websites or even opening your browser.

Removing items from your system startup can help with your computer starting up. You aren’t deleting anything instead you are choosing when to load the program. Not all programs need to load automatically when your computer is turned on. Keep in mind all you really need to load is a good trusted antivirus program and firewall to keep potential threats from happening.

You might need a computer tuneup

If your are experiencing the following

  • Random Freezing Lockups
  • Slow Loading Applications
  • Random Restarts

What do you get out of a tune-up?

Tune-Up Checklist

  • Backup Data
  • Software or Hardware Updates
  • Check Hard Drive for errors
  • Optimize Startup
  • Check for viruses
  • Delete Unnecessary Files
  • Uninstall unwanted programs
  • Defrag
  • Backup

I’ll diagnose your computer and find a resolution

I’ll backup and transfer your data as needed

I’ll clean any infestations of virus symptoms your computer may have.

How often should you do a tune-up?

Ideally you want to get a tune-up monthly, but mileage can vary. If you are frequently using your computer you will know when you see signs of trouble. Don’t hesitate to call for help when you are experiencing something out of the norm. We are fast friendly and affordable.