Why Call a Professional for Software Updates on Your Computer

Software updates keep your computer fresh so that it can function smoothly. You may have come across software updates on your mobile phone. It asks you to update the application installed on the phone for better functioning. The same concept applies for a Windows operating system also. They require occasional software updates for enhanced performance. Many computers have the auto-update feature on. This makes the software update process a lot easier.

Calling a professional for software updates

Many people who are not so tech-savvy don’t know how to update software applications on their computer. If the auto-update is not on, you may have to call a professional to do it separately. That’s where I come in. I have the experience of updating software applications for hundreds of clients. It’s not some award-winning task, and that’s why I don’t charge a significant amount. Technology can be challenging for many people who are starting to learn the nuances of computers and mobile phones. So, I understand how tough it is when a software update message comes on the screen.

Automatic vs. manual software updates

As the name suggests, automatic software updates don’t require any effort. The updates accumulate in your system. After a week or so, when all the software applications are ready for the update, you will notice a balloon in the bottom right corner of your computer saying “updates are available.” You don’t have to do anything with that message. When you shut down, the computer will take a few minutes to go black completely.

You will see a message on the screen saying, “1 out of 10 updates installing.” As the applications get installed, the number will increase one by one. Once all the applications finish their updates, the computer will finally shut down. I advise customers not to unplug or switch off the computer while it is updating the applications. The next time you start your computer, it will reboot automatically. This allows the applications to restart after the update. Once that happens, it means the applications are now ready for use again.

Most people turn the auto-update feature on while installing the operating system. However, not everyone is an expert on computer. I remember my first time installing an operating system. I had a YouTube video playing on a mobile phone on one hand and following the instructions on my computer simultaneously. Now, I can update software applications with my eyes closed.

Manual software updates take slightly more time than auto-updates. You need to bring the computer to my office first. If you can’t, I can visit your house to look into the matter. I understand that older adults want to chat with their children living in other countries using various video chatting applications. But all these applications need to stay updated if you want a smooth performance while calling. Until I update the computer’s software, there may be glitches during video calls.

How I update computer software

Some Windows computers have an easy software update system, especially if you are using the latest version of Windows. For example, in Windows 10, I only need to go into All Programs and find Windows Update on it. After checking, if I see an update available, I will wait until the computer finishes installing that update. This is probably the easiest way to check a software update on your computer. I will restart the computer to allow the update to take effect.

However, not all computers have the latest Windows version available. I even worked on computers that had Windows 98 installed. Honestly, that is like living in the prehistoric times. Again, I understand that customers may not have the experience or knowledge to upgrade their operating system and install the latest version. That is why I also check the configurations of the computer before installing the software update. I always advise my customers to upgrade their Windows version.

If you want, I can do it on your behalf. Don’t worry about my service charges because they are way lower than what others usually ask for. I believe in fair pricing policy. That’s why I only charge the minimum amount of money applicable to complete the software update job.

Experience in the IT sector

Over the years, I have had the experience of working with a variety of computers and applications. This helped me gain knowledge about how different software applications work and what process to follow to update them. Sometimes you need to update software applications individually instead of relying on the auto-update. This is crucial for third-party software applications installed on your computer. If you are not sure how to do it, I can help you out.

One of the reasons why I advise my customers not to fiddle around with software update instructions is they can disturb the registry files. Every application has registry files in the installed folder. This may get hampered if you don’t follow the software update instructions carefully. It can lead to the software malfunctioning or even slowing down your computer. Fortunately, my experience in IT has allowed me to deal with thousands of reg files.

I always try to update the software without going down that road. But some customers tend to follow half the instructions on the software update page because they find the commands tough to understand. That can happen to anyone who doesn’t have professional knowledge about computers. So, I request you to get in touch with me whenever you see an update available on your computer. I will make sure that your PC is up and running smoothly, with all applications up to date.

My primary focus is to ensure that you have a computer that performs flawlessly. If I find any additional issue while updating its software, I will inform you about the same. It is always wise to fix any computer-related problems as soon as possible so that you don’t face a problem later. Allow me to help your computer run faster than it usually does.