Professional Virus Removal Services at Reasonable Prices

A virus is the last thing you will want in your computer. It can disrupt the performance of the machine, making it slower, and soon you will notice that the virus is also destroying data from the PC. As someone who doesn’t know a lot about the types of computer viruses, it can be hard to understand why the computer is slowing down every passing day. Describing what you are experiencing can go along way as you may not be able to duplicate specific errors. Here are a few symptoms that you need to keep in mind when calling for computer virus removal:

• PC crashes frequently or freezes every few minutes.

• Your computer works slower than a tortoise.

• Files automatically get deleted.

• You get unwanted advertisements as soon as you open a browser.

• PC reboots automatically.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a computer virus is an anti-virus. However, most people tend to use the free version of these anti-virus applications because the full software is expensive. But, the free versions don’t provide adequate security and protection to your computer. So, there are loopholes through which the virus can still enter. In such cases, it is best to get in touch with a professional who can clean your computer from all the existing viruses. That’s where I come in.

Types of computer virus

With spammers and cyber criminals waiting for an opportunity for users to slip up, it’s almost like you have to be on your heels all the time. Working on a computer with the constant fear that someone would hack your profile or bank can become very stressful. So, let’s take a look at some of the computer viruses and how they operate:

1. Overwriting virus

It copies its own code and destroys the original program or system file data.

2. Memory resident virus

It stays in your computer’s memory for a long time and eventually slows down the system. They are hard to notice, especially during the early stages.

3. Direct action virus

This is a non-resident virus. It targets a specific file every time it executes the unique code. Unlike memory resident virus, it does not stay in the memory for a long time. So, you may experience the system working slower than usual, but it is normally a temporary issue.

4. Cluster virus

These can execute programs merely by modifying every directory table entry. It is one of the most dangerous viruses to have on your computer. They get activated as soon as you start any program. Cluster viruses have the ability to infect all the programs on your computer. It will soon reach a point where you can use your computer no more. I can help remove the cluster virus and bring the computer back to life.

5. Macro virus

They usually infect applications like Microsoft Word or similar other programs. So, whenever you open Microsoft Office like spreadsheet or word processor applications, the macro virus gets activated.

Virus protection

The best way to prevent viruses from devouring your computer is regular checkups. I can inspect the condition of the PC so that there is no risk of using the computer with viruses in them. All you need to do is call me and let me know the problem your computer is facing. Computer viruses can produce different symptoms, something that you may not have encountered earlier. So, the best way to understand the problem is to bring the PC down. If you can’t do that, I can come to your place to check the issue.

Unless I do a first-hand inspection, it’s not right to guess and tell what the problem is. Once I understand the type of virus existing in your PC, I will take the respective step to clean it. Detecting the type of virus is essential to make sure that I not only clean it but also take measures to prevent the virus from coming back.

How I work

My first job is to provide you an approximate cost of the service. Depending on the type of virus and the amount of backup I need to take, I will provide you a quotation. If you are happy with it and agree to hire me, I can come over to your house to check the computer. Alternatively, you can also bring the PC to my office, where I can check everything and come up with a recovery plan.

My second job is to detect the type of virus on the computer. I usually try to understand the problem based on the symptoms. So, this part usually takes a few hours because I don’t want to do anything merely by guessing something. Once I understand the problem, I start taking a backup of the files and folders you have on the computer. I use a virus-free hard drive where I take all the backup that’s possible.

Sometimes there’s no chance of file recovery because of the amount of virus in the system. I’ll inform you about the files I could recover and the ones I couldn’t. There’s no guarantee here because viruses work in weird ways all the time. After completing the backup, I’ll try to successfully complete a virus removal from the computer. Malware usually nestles deep into the system, and discovering them may take some time. It’s almost like curing a person of bacteria that caused sickness in the first place.

My primary objective is to not only delete the viruses but also prevent them from spreading their family. I always advise my clients to use a paid anti-virus system on the computer. If you want, I can recommend a few anti-virus applications also. The ultimate goal here is to make sure your computer doesn’t get affected by viruses and malware again. I would do everything I can to make that happen.

Sometimes I have to format the entire computer to get rid of the viruses. Malware that damages Windows installation is the most dangerous. If your computer is infected with that type of virus, I would have no other choice but to format the system to keep the malware away. Unfortunately not all virus removal methods work 100% and this is why I always recommend you do a computer backup periodically to prevent tragedies like this.