Have you ever learned one simple computer trick that totally changed your life? Often something as simple as knowing a keyboard command to draw a screenshot in seconds, can save you hours over a month’s time.

Windows 10 has pretty much been a big hit with users, with over 52 percent of Windows devices globally using this operating system (OS). It’s added several user-friendly features such as use of voice assistant Cortana and integration with Xbox One.

But as with any newer OS, there’s a learning curve to get used to all the new features and figure out those lesser known tricks that can make a big impact on your daily workflow. At Michalek Tech Help, we go above and beyond for our computer repair and service clients in southern Kansas City, which often means sharing a few power users tips when we see them.

You may be surprised at how much time overall you can save with a few less mouse-clicks here and there.

Americans working a standard 8- hour workday can save 8 workdays a year with keyboard shortcuts. (Brainscape)

The observation by Brainscape was that on average people lose about 2 seconds per minute of work by switching back and forth from their mouse instead of using a keyboard shortcut. So, over a whole year of standard workdays, that lost time adds up to 8 whole workdays or 64 hours.

Ready to learn some Windows 10 Power Moves? We’ve got plenty for you coming up next!

Time-Saving Tips & Tricks for Windows 10

Michalek Tech Help founder, Jason Michalek, loves nothing more than a good puzzle especially if it has to do with technology. He’s uncovered multiple lesser-known OS tricks over the years and enjoys sharing them with clients to make their lives even easier.

Here are some of our favorite tricks for Windows 10 that can make a big difference during your time in front of the screen.

1. Screenshot an Area Fast

Let’s start with that screenshot command we mentioned at the opening. The fall 2018 Windows 10 update gave users the ability to draw a rectangular screenshot on any part of their screen with a keyboard command that brings up the Snip tool, and then import instantly into Sketch to save it and add any markups you like.

HOW: Hold down key combination Windows logo key + Shift + S

2. Organize Your Stuff with Task View/Virtual Desktops

Having to sort through multiple windows and programs to find that browser tab you just opened can be frustrating and time wasting. Using virtual desktops in Windows 10 allows you to keep your email open on one desktop, while another has the project you’re working on. Finding that window is as easy as clicking the task view to flip between them.

HOW: Click Task View > New Desktop to create a virtual desktop OR Key combination Windows logo key + Ctrl + D

Move between them with Windows logo Key + Ctrl + Left Arrow or + Right Arrow

3. Text from Your Computer

Do you have to stop what you’re doing and pick up your phone whenever a text comes in? Send and receive text messages right from your desktop or laptop by connecting with your Android phone (sorry, iPhone users, it’s not compatible with you yet).

HOW: Set up Your Phone Companion App on your Android device and use the My Phone App on your PC. In the My Phone App, select Messages

4. Make Your Start Window Work for You

Windows 10 has a great Start window with apps that come up in a tiled format for easy access, but if there’s a bunch of apps there you don’t use, you’re missing a big part of the time-saving functionality. Delete shortcuts you don’t use and add your most used programs by customizing the Start window area.

HOW: Click Start at bottom left, to REMOVE: Right-click the application icon > Unpin from Start or if you want to completely remove it, click Uninstall.

To ADD: Drag an application from the programs list at left over to the area on the right. (Bonus tip: Click the lines to the right of the category titles (Play, Create, etc…) to change their names)

5. Copy/Paste Across Devices

Need a link you just found on your phone pasted over to a document on your PC? Want to save copied text to use later? Save time and paste like a pro with the Cloud Clipboard. When signed into your Microsoft account you can access it on any device.

HOW: Select the Windows Start button > Settings > System > Clipboard. The toggle turns on Clipboard and Sync across devices. Use keyboard combination Windows logo key + V to see a full clipboard history and pin things to the top.

6. Shake to Declutter Windows

If you’re working in a sea of open windows and need some calm, you can instantly minimize all but the window you want with this cool trick.

HOW: Click the top bar of the window you want to keep open, Shake your mouse. Repeat this to get them all open again.

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